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I draw because drawing makes me happy
I'm stuck.

I need some theme or word for the YuBo pic I'm doing (Tala/Yuriy and Bryan/Boris from Beyblade/Bakuten Shot)
And since I can't do Polls anymore I figured I'd do a lil  journal entry. Been so long since I did one, feels nice to finally do one again!!

So, got any idea?
I was going for video games, dressing them up as different characters but I couldn't settle which game to choose and then it sort of went down hill. Now I have no idea. Assassins's Creed... Dragon Age, perhaps. Bryan could be a Qunari, hehee. (or movies, like X-men. I really like the two newest movies btw. Go Charles and Erik, hehee)

I like magic and shiny stuff, always fun to draw, you can tell by looking at the previous pics.
Green butterflies by Methanoos  Cold Floor by Methanoos

And then I thought about pirates:
Parrot in charge by Methanoos

GAH! I cannot make up my mind.

I'm gonna go and continue to draw on their bodies and we'll see if anyone comments with some ideas (or just a word like: Red. Nature. Cat. etc. )
I want this pic done by next week.

(btw, does anyone still do Beyblade art or watches it? )

Since DA was closed down last Saturday/sunday (at least for me) I wasn't able to read all your lovely comments. And so I couldn't draw, because I didn't know what to draw.

Ah, the frustration I felt. I wrote on tumblr and Syfien answered. I was soooo happy for the reply that I totally missed the help. It went down like this:

Me: DA is down ;___; I cannot see the suggestions to the pic! HELP!
Syfien: Here's the comments (Links to the comments) I took a screen Cap for you.
Me: OMG, thank you! Send me the comments!
Syfien: ..... I just did. >.>  It's in link...
Me: .... Oh. (Feels stupid)

Let's just say that in my joyfull state of mind I read the reply too quickly XD Heheee.

I've read your comments and they are all awesome! THANK YOU!
I'm torn between Magic (Castlevania, Dragon age) and a more space type of feeling  (ala Mass Effect)

( :iconanimeandraia: talked about "Princess Yuriy" and it gives me ideas of The Little Mermaid :heart: That would be fun indeed! Haha)

Samurai, X-men, Dragon Age...etc...  :heart: You know what? I think I need to draw several pics, one for each theme you all suggested. ( which will probably not happen but we can at least dream about it ;) )
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BeyArMaMo - Week 4 - Rei by Methanoos
BeyArMaMo - Week 4 - Rei
Final piece for the BeyArMaMo of 2014! :iconbeyarmamo:

I was unsure of the colours but I wanted it to be somewhat similar to his "real" clothes so this is what I went with :XD:

Im surprisingly happy with his face.
My Pumkin - WIP by Methanoos
My Pumkin - WIP
Doodles in the middle of the night.
Ian should be in there somewhere...
BeyArMaMo - Week 3 - Kai by Methanoos
BeyArMaMo - Week 3 - Kai
Character: Kai Hiwatari
Show: Bakuten shoot / Beyblade

Week 3 of :iconbeyarmamo:

Classic dark suit since he's a man of power, red tie for Dranzer. Nuff said.

I don't like his hair, it was strugglesome. I'm too lazy to fix it.

Refs for pose, shoes and.....face..... found on la Internette!

NEXT UP IS REEIIIII! Who else is excited??! :heart:
BeyArMaMo - Week 2 - Tyson by Methanoos
BeyArMaMo - Week 2 - Tyson
Character Tyson G.
Show: Beyblade / Bakuten Shoot

Week 2 of :iconbeyarmamo:

Tyson... is not my fav character to draw. either he turns out horrid or he turns out good.
I think this time it's good ;)

(Refs for the suit, pose and shoes found on the Internet)
BeyArMaMo - Week 1 - Max by Methanoos
BeyArMaMo - Week 1 - Max
Character: Max Tate
Show: Beyblade / Bakuten Shoot

I don't like it when they change stuff on DA. I'm always confused for a few days before it settles in my brain.
Just some days ago I couldn't find the "log in" button... I found it thankfully in the right corner. Large letters looking at me... staring at me.

Anyway, here's my first week of the :iconbeyarmamo: this year.
I was unsure if I liked it or not.
...Still not sure, but what the heck. Here's Max for ya! :D

Now, let's see how I can add this to the right folder...

(Obviously used refs from la Internette for the suit and pose and shoes.)

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